Major-General William T. Sherman  
My name is Tony Rosati. I am a member of the Confederation of Union Generals (COUG) portraying Major-General William Tecumseh Sherman. I am looking for people who are interested in portraying members of General Sherman's staff at living history events. I am looking for people who reside either in New Jersey or Pennsylvania although I may consider other areas. I am looking for people who can attend several living history events a year as members of my staff.

Initially I will
NOT submit your name for membership in the Confederation of Union Generals. After you have been a member of my staff for a full campaign (one calendar year) and are performing up to the standards of COUG, I will sponsor you if you desire to become a member.

I would like the following information included in your e-mail if you apply

  1. First and Last Name
  2. Address City State and Zip
  3. E-Mail Address
  4. Home Phone
  5. Cell Phone
  6. A Small Biography
  7. List what other re-enacting units or a Living History Organizations you belong to (if any)
  8. How many years you have been doing re-enacting or living history (if any)
Please provide as much of the information requested above as you are comfortable with. The more information I receive from you the sooner I will process your application.

Thank You.

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