Maj. Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman Mrs. Ellen Sherman
Portrayed By Portrayed By
Anthony J. Rosati Sr. Susan L. Rosati
Anthony J. Rosati Sr. of Monroe Township New Jersey has been passionate about the United States Civil Was since the 5th grade. In 2004 Tony started in living history as a member of Ben Black's (Gen. Robert E.Lee) staff as Lt. Col. Briscoe Baldwin who was General Lee's Chief of Ordnance from November 1862 to April 1865.

While attending a living history event in Gettysburg he was asked by a member of the Confederation of Union Generals to portray General William T. Sherman. Tony joined COUG in late 2005 as General Sherman.

Tony's wife Susan portrays Mrs. Ellen Sherman.

Tony often gives talks on the Civil War and General Sherman at schools, assisted living facilities and retirement communities in New Jersey. Tony has also taught adult education classes at several high schools in New Jersey. Tony and his family are committed to keeping the history and memory of the Civil War alive.

Tony and his family are active committed members of the Confederation of Union Generals and plan on continuing that commitment for many years to come.

Should you be interested in an appearance by General Sherman, send an E-Mail to Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman